Pillar Mounted JIB Cranes Suppliers in Punjab

A jib crane is a style of material handling equipment that has a single horizontal boom which spans out from a wall, column, or pillar. The horizontal boom is equipped with a hoist that allows operators to lift/lower and move desired loads within a semi-circle or a complete 360 degree circle (dependent on how the jib is mounted).



Punjab is well-known for its extensive range of industrial supplies and services. Pillar-mounted JIB cranes are one of the most sought-after industrial supplies in the region. As the name suggests, these cranes are mounted on pillars and are used for various lifting applications in industrial facilities. They are extremely versatile and can be used for a range of applications such as lifting, loading, and unloading. There are many suppliers of pillar-mounted JIB cranes in Punjab. These suppliers offer a wide range of cranes for various applications, ranging from light-duty to heavy-duty use. The cranes are designed to provide maximum efficiency and safety in carrying out lifting operations. They are easy to install and operate and are available in various sizes and specifications. The cranes are also designed to be highly durable and reliable.

The suppliers in Punjab offer cranes at competitive prices and with long-term warranties. The cranes come with various features such as a remote control, adjustable height, and an adjustable base. The suppliers also provide maintenance and repair services for the cranes. This ensures that the operations are carried out smoothly and efficiently. With a range of products and services, the suppliers in Punjab ensure that the customers get the best quality products at competitive prices. Punjab is a state in northern India, known for its agricultural and industrial production. It is also a hub for many industries, including construction and engineering. As such, Punjab has many suppliers of pillar-mounted jib cranes that are used in a variety of industrial applications.

Pillar Mounted JIB Cranes

Pillar-mounted jib cranes are used to lift, lower, rotate, and position heavy loads in a variety of industries. These are typically used in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and construction sites to move heavy and bulky items. They are a type of overhead crane and are mounted on pillars, which makes them more stable and able to carry heavier loads.  They also offer a range of accessories such as hoists trolleys and spreader beams to help make lifting operations more efficient suppliers offer a wide range of pillar-mounted jib cranes in different sizes and capacities, making them suitable for a variety of applications.

GR Cranes also provide services such as installation, maintenance, and repair services to ensure the cranes are working properly and safely. Additionally, consider factors such as the supplier’s reputation, experience, after-sales service, and warranty when making your decision. Request quotations from multiple suppliers to compare pricing and choose the one that best aligns with your needs. Remember to conduct due diligence and verify the credibility and reliability of any supplier you plan to work with to ensure the successful acquisition of your pillar-mounted JIB crane.


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